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National: Te Pāti Māori calls out "double standard" Queen Elizabeth II memorial day

4:55 pm on 20 September 2022

Te Pāti Māori have spoken out against the government's decision to have a public holiday to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II, calling it a "double standard". 

"We do not support a one-off holiday to mark the passing of a British monarch." Te Pāti Māori shared on social media. 

"There is not one single precedent for this for any of our rangatira within Te Ao Māori, not one. Not even our own Te Arikinui, Dame Te Atairangikaahu was honoured in this way."

"Where were the holidays for Moana Jackson or for Tā Toby Curtis? This is a double standard that we can not consent to."

Te Pāti Māori added that they support more public holidays for workers, but "they must reflect Aoteroa as a Te Tiriti-based nation in the South Pacific."

The one-off holiday will be held on Monday 26 September.

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