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Dr Shane Reti: National party supporting the government's emissions budgets

2:00pm on 11 May 2022

Interview by Aneeka Moheed on The Wire With Christina 

Listen to the full interview

Dr Shane Reti told Aneeka Moheed on The Wire with Christina that the National Party supports the government's newly announced emissions budgets.

"We are supportive and have been supportive of climate change initiatives. While there might have been some nuances from 2019, when amendments to the Climate Change Act came in, we do understand the importance of climate change."

The binding emissions budgets lay out the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions Aotearoa must cut over the next 14 years. 

Dr Reti says the next important piece of work is the emissions reduction plan, which will be the mechanism to achieve these budgets.

The National Party has aligned itself with the government on emissions targets but states that we need effective policies to reach them. 

"While we share the Government’s commitment to lower emissions, there are a range of ways to achieve net-zero and we need to consider every option."

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