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Auckland local elections: Youth-led climate action organisation Generation Zero ranks candidates

1:55 pm on 20 September 2022

Auckland mayoral candidates Efeso Collins and the "Pirate King of Tamaki Makaurau" Dani Riekwel have earned top marks in Generation Zero's 2022 local election climate scorecard survey, both receiving A grades. 

Front-runner Efeso Collins scored an A+ in the environment and Te Tiriti, and all A's in transport, housing, and equity. 

The youth-led climate action organisation asked all local elections candidates the same questions, plus regional-specific questions, about the environment, transport, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, equity and social welfare, and housing and liveable cities. 

Answers were marked on how closely they matched the organisation's values. 

While all questions were optional, lower or zero marks were given if any questions were skipped.

Unresponsive candidates were marked based on other publicly available information, with centre-right candidate Wayne Brown receiving a C grade and minor candidates Craig Lord and Ted Johnson both receiving an F. 

Most candidates that received an F didn't respond to the survey.

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