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Album of the Week: Earth Tongue - 'Great Haunting'

95bFM Album of the Week: Earth Tongue - 'Great Haunting'

Earth Tongue are back with their second full-length album Great Haunting!
And it is spooky, fuzzy and cheekily dark, just like all your favourite 70s and 80s horror films.

Earth Tongue are renowned for their spellbinding fusion of ethereal melodies and thunderous rhythms, which has carved them a niche within the global music scene, captivating audiences with their mesmerising live performances and transcendent sonic landscapes.

Their new album delivers a sonic concoction of dark and primitive songs with thick layers of distortion and punchy, compressed drums. The album was engineered by Jonathan Pearce from The Beths at his studio on Karangahape Road in Auckland. 

Available wherever good music is sold.