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Coromandel. It's pretty.
Coromandel. It's pretty.

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Tiki Live VIP Getaway 25/10/08

JEFF!! (The winner) Enjoying Soundcheck at the Coroglen. Represent! Crew working hard to get everyone in on time... new bCard discounter? Tahuna Breaks 1 Tahuna Breaks 2 Tahuna Breaks 3 The man himself, gettin his shit together. Coroglen Tavern: packed!! Playing a conch. Literally, making noise out of a shell. Is there anything this man can't do? Getting some help from Pops. Word. Capping it off with Holly Smith and P-Diggs. Chariot of Fire and Air Conditioning. cabin fever? DSC00081 Chillin' with the locals. Looking for Hot Water. Coromandel. It's pretty. mmmm.... taxidermy....

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