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Stinky Grooves
Tue, 7-10 PM

Playlist from 8/6/2016

  • STINKY GROOVES HAS MOVED TO 7-10 PM FROM ..come hither..earlier...
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Stinky Jim

Hosted by 95bFM and New Zealand DJ institution Stinky Jim, Stinky Grooves mashes up the best and freshest in reggae, hip hop, dancehall, and more. Incorporating a variety of different styles, all offering rewards to the attentive listener and their headphones. Stinky Grooves has been on air on 95bFM for the last 25 years and stands tall as one of 95bFM’s most established specialist shows. The same can be said for show host Stinky Jim, who is an established personality both on 95bFM and in the local music scene where he acts as promoter and record label boss.