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Sex With Sarin


Sex With Sarin

Sarin hosts Sex After Six (Thursdays after 6pm).

Talking about everything from porn to identity, sex toys to sexual assault, Sarin wants people to talk about sex more. Strip away the euphamisms and the taboos and engage sex/uality in a candid, frank, and respectful way - and the world will be better for it.


Sometimes this is interesting too.

Random shit:
* (Sex)Abled: Disability Uncensored - seriously, watch this, it's fucking awesome.
* Sex, Stigma, & STIs - an interesting blog post to jump off from
* Polyamory - NZ Polyamory Group
* Female 'Sexual Dysfunction' - The Pink Viagra
* Friends With Benefits - World of Psychology
* Rethinking Virginity and Examining Our Assumptions About Sex -
* Naomi Wolf on Why Porn Turns Men Off the Real Thing

Other awesome shit:

Auckland Sexual Health Service

Rainbow Youth