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Playlist from 6/3/2009

  • On high rotate, on and off (well, mainly off) the Wire:
  • Wavves – Sun Opens My Eyes
  • A.M – The Sun Rides Sidesaddle; Lies Contented In The Evening On The Ground
  • The Nerves – When You Find Out
  • Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
  • Kevin Drew – Backed Out On The...
  • The Velvet Underground – Stephanie Says
  • M. Ward – Let's Dance
  • Beirut – Postcards From Italy
  • The Microphones – Headless Horseman
  • The Magnetic Fields – Come Back From San Francisco
  • Pavement – Here
  • Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor

Joe Nunweek

Joe was raised on the mean streets of Mt.Albert-cum-Roskill. He is pretty good at two kinds of soup, doesn't have a trampoline anymore, and thrills to the sound of isolated Smash Mouth vocal takes.

On The WIRE, January 26 2008: (I was getting wisdom teeth out on the 19th - cripes)

This week was a Gaza special of sorts - with a little more to come, we needed a slightly less frenetic Auckland Anniversary Day!

But out of frustration at the either/or divisions that the conflict seemed to generate, in a hail of soundbites and unproofread blog comments worldwide, I was lucky enough to find a couple of very compelling articles (albeit a couple of years old now) on the Israel-Palestine question which recognised the differences of opinion, but also cut through a lot of the absolutist, adversarial politicking that tends to suggest Jews and Muslims have always been rent with division and mistrust. I had the chance to speak with both authors, one a Kiwi Jew, the other a Kiwi Muslim, about their takes on the issue, how they see their articles after the conflict's bloodiest resurgence in years, and where they see forums for a better and more productive dialogue to begin...

12.30: David Moskovitz

David is an IT whiz, a former president of Wellington's Temple Sinai, and one of the bloggers on the excellent blog. I spoke to him about how the conflict got to the point that it did after he could spot a silver lining in 2006, why the power for a breakthrough may well no longer rest with the Israeli government or Palestinian leaders, and the concrete obstacles to a peaceful resolution.

12.50: Anjum Rahman

Anjum is a chartered accountant and founding member of the Hamilton Women's Ethnic Centre and the Islamic Women's Council. She also blogs at While Dave and Anjum have disagreements on the nature of Hamas and the possibility that Barack Obama might act as a transformational figure in the region, she highlights the way the media has distorted the historical relations of Jews and Muslims, and ignores those from either side of the Israel-Palestine rift who are earnestly building bridges, here and abroad.

Read Dave and Anjum's 2006 pieces here:

1:10:Ryan's Rave

Ryan presents the longest sentence in the English language which only uses the one noun: "Buffalo", we look at the techno-aftermath of the Colbert Report's encounter with IP law's progressive guru, Lawerence Lessig, and a wee bit of moaning and whinging about under-informing (but tastefully emoting) coverage of the Gaza conflict this past month.