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Good Times Radio with Sam Harmony

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Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me (Artur Baker Dub)
Pig Bag - Dozo Don
Depeche Mode - Pipeline
Anderson .Paak - The Chase feat. Kadhja Bonet
Vallé - Love Me
Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights
Wilco - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
BEA1991 - V4
Colour Box - Tarantula
Ross From Friends - The Knife
Eleven Pond - Watching Trees (Darkside Synth Remix)
Paul Haig - The Only Truth
Alex Cameron - Mongrel
Tyler, The Creator - Big Bag
MeloDownz - $moke Feat. Villette
Paula Tape - Agua Congas
Imagination - Changes (Night Dubbing Version)
Reach for Love - Marcel King
Alizarin Lizard - No One Could Tell
Rainbow's End - Modern English
The Chills - Don't Be - Memory

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Good Times Radio - Live At The Grey Lynn Festival 2017

Good Times Radio - live at the Grey Lynn Festival 25:11:17 Good Times Radio - live at the Grey Lynn Festival 25:11:17, 238.49 MB
Sat 25 Nov 2017

A very special Good Times Radio broadcast LIVE from the Grey Lynn Festival 2017 
thanks to Citreon and Spark. 
I was feeling a little dusty from a big night at the club and so I roped in Sigrid to come do the heavy lifting, field reporter extrodanaire Johnny did the hard yards out in the field. 

AND Jogai came and gave us the best DVD review in our history 


Good Times Radio 18 Nov 2017

GoodTimesRadio18Nov2017 GoodTimesRadio18Nov2017, 212.65 MB
Sat 18 Nov 2017

Good Times Radio 11 November 2017

Good Times Radio 11/11/17 Good Times Radio 11/11/17, 221.9 MB
Sat 11 Nov 2017

This week we're blessed to be joined by Jon Bywater who plays some deadly records 

Good Times Radio 4 November 2017

Good_Times_4Nov2017 Good_Times_4Nov2017, 212.99 MB
Sat 4 Nov 2017

Another fun filled show with a broad range of musical treats

Good Times Radio 28 Oct 17

Good_Times_281017 Good_Times_281017, 194.45 MB
Sat 28 Oct 2017

Another Saturday morning in Auckland city 

Madman DVD Review : Akira

Madman DVD review - Akira Madman DVD review - Akira, 21.61 MB
Sat 28 Oct 2017

Ben Zambo comes in to review Akira (1998), which he acknowledges is a fantastic movie, but one that left him "a little bit scarred for life" 


Good Times Radio 14 October 2017

Good_Times_141017 Good_Times_141017, 214.68 MB
Sat 14 Oct 2017

Madman DVD Review - 13:Game of Death

13: Game Of Death 13: Game Of Death, 18.65 MB
Sat 14 Oct 2017

India reviews the Thai film - 13: Game of Death - for the Saturday morning Madman DVD review. 

Does a great job of it too

Good Times Radio 7 October 2017

Good Times Radio 07-10-17 Good Times Radio 07-10-17, 207.5 MB
Sat 7 Oct 2017

Madman DVD Review - 30 Sept 2017

Madman DVD review - Battle Of The Sexes Madman DVD review - Battle Of The Sexes , 18.17 MB
Sat 30 Sep 2017

Jogai reviews the documentary Battle Of The Sexes (2013), and does a fantastic bloody job too.