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Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: 09 June, 2019

Warthog - Deaths Hand
Articles of Faith - Buried Alive
Blank Spell - Untouchable World
Pura Mania - Rey De Ratas
Condor - Tapage Nocturne
Tarantula - I Fell In Love With A Double Agent
Impact Unit - Regular Boys Haircut
Protocol - Bloodsport II
Pisse - Armes Schwein
State Funeral - Squeeze
Straight Ahead - Whos To Blame
Macho Boys - Victim To Blame
Negative Approach - Said And Done
YDI - I Killed My Family
World Peace - Ascending the Bridge with Resolute Intent
Tukaari - Prehistoric Silence
Total Ruin - Chaos and Command
Robber - Main Man
MK Ultra - Fuck Em
Contenders - Attract / Repel
Antidote - The Real Deal
Ajax - Never Learn
Filth - The List
Flipout A.A - Raritta Atamade Bunmeikaika
Career Suicide - Out Of Hope
C.C.T.V - Anxiety
Disorder - Out Of Order
Circle Jerks - Wasted
Feral Blood - Call Of The Wild
Plutocracy - Carnals
Fixation - Dead Eyes Stare Back
Dog Cock - Satans Shindig
Born Against - Poland
Roky Erikson - Two Headed Dog
Thee MISFITZ - We are 138
Piggery - Blood Into Piss
Chain Rank - Chain Rank
Impalers - Electric Avenue
Black On Black Crimes - SHIT
Crown Court - Sammy Skyves
Green Beret - Disregard
Hotheads - Your Scheme Is Through
Stress Ghetto - Antibiotic Resistant Strain
MDC - I Hate Work
Fistula - Mongoloid
Bowl Rupture - Black Line
Spiteful Urinator - Bore You To Leave
Pvnisher - Downward
Derailment - Clowned
No Trend - Too Many Humans
Unsanitary Napkin - Good Night White Pride
Commando - Effigy
Mad - I Hate Music
Le Shok - White Tie You Die
Limp Wrist - Como Vos
Video Filth - Hypnosis
Subversive Rite - I Dont Believe
City Hunter - Dying Out