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Contribute to 95bFM

In Auckland’s sea of bland, networked radio formats, we’re the only real show in town - your shelter from the shit.

We’re hugely grateful to the AUSA for our premises, and for the support NZOnAir gives us, but this covers around a quarter of our costs. The rest comes from our sales reps selling advertising and sponsorship partnerships - we receive no direct funding from AUSA or the University of Auckland.

It’s a hard space to exist in, but contributions made through Bombathon fundraisers and our Givealittle page have made a real difference. We’ve been able to replace some outdated equipment, improve our digital presence with our website, streaming and podcasts - and simply be out and about in our community. More events, broadcasts, buzz. Later this year we’ll be launching the next generation bCard - a loyalty card that gives our listeners access to gigs, prizes and other cool shit, but this time it’s digital.

Our mission is more than just playing music that isn’t shit, but to be a part of, and an advocate for, independence, creativity and culture in Auckland. The IRD agrees, and they recognise us as Auckland’s Loudest Charity. We want to keep being free from commercial pressures, so our efforts can go into creating great radio, great broadcasters and events you will remember (for the right reasons).  

You can help. Our solution isn’t Patreon, but something local. Givealittle Plan. An amount, chosen by you, to automatically donate each month. Think of it as a monthly subscription, but charitable. As little as $5 a month from you will help us to train the next generation of thinking news journalists, champion emerging New Zealand music talent and we can continue to resist the revenue from shouty Harvey Norman ads.

What’s in it for you? Well, bFM, and everything it stands for. But you also get a 33% tax credit applied automatically (via payroll giving) or at the end of financial year (for credit card plans); and, most importantly, you will keep the flame of independent, bullshit-free media and music alive.

Here’s how to give a little goodness to your favourite radio station:

  • Go to Givealittle and REGISTER an account. Once you have registered on Givealittle, you'll be able to log in by clicking the LOG IN button at the top of the homepage. 
  • Go to the bFM Organisation Page and click on the blue Add To Plan tab at the top of the page
  • Select ‘I want to Create A New Plan’ and then Continue
  • You’ll then decide whether to set your monthly donation up via a credit card or payroll giving and follow the prompts for the option you choose. (Payroll giving means you request that your employer makes a deduction from your pay prior to tax being applied. You receive your tax credit instantly which saves the hassle of filing your charity donation receipts to IRD at year end. Easy peasy).
  • For a step by step guide click here and for support, email  

There’s no video of people planting trees in a forest at sunrise to help sell this. No opportunity to go into the draw to win a wedding to a stranger. No bullshit. Just turn on the radio and know that you’re even more a part of it than you were before. The knowledge that you are helping to keep the gritty heart of Auckland’s culture alive.