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How do you do... submitting music?


We get shitloads of songs submitted to us every week. To help us deal with this significant task please follow a few simple guidelines.

Email with a streaming link AND a download link to a lossless file. Do not use a service that makes us create an account to download, or sync to a Dropbox that needs a bloody password. Make it as simple as possible. Include artist and song names, if there is an album coming and what the release date is, but that’s about it.

You don’t need to describe the music, or list what genres you straddle, because you’ve sent us the music and we have ears.

Bios are the devil’s toilet paper. You hate writing them and we hate reading them. A couple of sentences for some context is all that’s required.

We tend to make changes to our playlist at the end of the week, so if we receive anything music later than Tuesday it probably won’t get heard till the following week.


Why do you need a streaming and download link? Can’t you just download the file and listen to that?

We get way too much music to spend time downloading. We listen to a stream and if we’ll play it we can then download it. It’s the most efficient way.

What is a lossless file? Is MP3 ok?

Lossless audio files are designed to be a like-for-like replication. MP3s are great for fitting lots of songs on your phone but for broadcast they’re not up to it. We want the master recording, not a compressed version of it.

What about FLAC?

We don't support FLAC just yet but we are working on it. We will update this page once done.

What kinds of music do you play?

We’ve set up a 24-hour, seven day a week demo of what we play. You can tune into it at 95.0FM in Auckland, or anywhere in the world.

How will I know if I’ve been playlisted?

You will hear your song on bFM within a week or so.

Can’t you email me to let me know?

No sorry.

Can you let me know why you didn’t playlist my song?

No sorry. We don’t have time to review your songs, we’re underpaid and overworked.

I know someone who works at bFM so I’ll just email them.

Was that a question?

No I guess not. What I mean is won’t it stand out more coming from someone else?

Yes it will, in a bad way. We don’t judge music on anything other than the song. It’s a simple honest process. Songs from paid PR services, music from our own volunteers, songs from complete unknowns - it all gets treated the same.

But I know Matthew Crawley, should I mention that?

Everyone knows Matthew Crawley.

Other radio stations are playing it / I’ve had millions of streams on SoundCloud, I got a great review in NZ Musician / why won’t you play it?

We’re going to have to agree to disagree.

Can I add some info about our upcoming gig?

No, please send that to