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Auckland Live Presents Rushes

Auckland Fringe Festival is here and we’re lucky enough to get the world premiere of Rushes, showing at the Aotea Centre from February 21st - 25th.

Rushes is a unique experience where live music meets art, theatre, dance and film. Directed by Malia Johnston in collaboration with visual artist Rowan Pierce and live music from Eden Mulholland, Rushes is a show to get fully immersed in. With over 25 dancers and performers from all around New Zealand, including Taiaroa Royal, you won’t be sitting in a seat for an hour, you’ll be navigating your way through 11 rooms. Rushes is an inter-arts experience like no other, a sensory labyrinth filled with film, dance, live music, visual effects and more.

Check out the rehearsal video below, or have a listen to Hannah’s interview with Eden Mulholland here.

Tickets are available now from Auckland Live.