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95bFM presents: The Killing of a Sacred Deer

95bFM presents a very special preview screening of The Killing of a Sacred Deer thanks to Madman & The Vic. Wednesday, November 15th at The Vic Devonport.

Come join us at the movies - either listen in for your chance to win tickets or, should you not want to leave your life decisions to chance and the vagaries of fate, buy your tickets from The Vic Devonport

After the success of the dark and surreal The Lobster, Colin Farrell and writer/director/producer Yorgos Lanthimos have reunited for The Killing of a Sacred Deer: a strange and sinister masterpiece of psychological horror. If you missed seeing it at the film festival you'll be kicking yourself. "It sounds right up my alley," you'll be saying. "I'm kicking myself," you'll be crying. Well, kick yourself no longer! Catch this thoroughly upsetting film with us in all its silver screen glory down at The Vic Devonport. It's right up your alley.