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Dudley Benson - Matariki [Kolya Remix]

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95bFM presents: Teenage Fanclub

95bFM presents Teenage Fanclub. Monday February 18th at the Powerstation.

Back in the 90's, everyone was always going on about Blur vs. Oasis, pop vs. rock, ripping off The Kinks vs ripping off The Beatles. But hindsight's 20/20 and looking back now we can see that that's all a bunch of tosh.

The truly superior 90's Britpop legends are, of course, Teenage Fanclub. Ethereal harmonies, searing guitars, hot pink album covers - the answer should have always been obvious.

Long story short, Teenage Fanclub are rad and they're coming back to New Zealand, Monday February 18. Tickets available from Ticketmaster on Monday 27th of August.