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95bFM Election Special

Election night can be a bit of a tense time for everybody. Teeth clenched in patriotic anxiety. Brows sweaty with hope for the future. It’s better to spend it in the presence of someone trustworthy. Someone who can take the piss out of David Seymour's awkward hands in one moment and offer insight into the fiscal efficacy of quantitative easing the next. Someone like 95bFM.

Join us for The 95bFM Election Special (too important for a clever title). From seven to eleven on election night we’ll be broadcasting live and exclusive coverage of the big event. There’ll be recaps of the drama, Wire election coverage highlights, roaming reporters, and all the results as they come in. Spend election night with our hosts Pearl and Jogai; broadcast live on 95bFM and simulcast in video to the bFM Facebook page and the 95bFM youtube page. It’ll be a rollicking ride.

The 95bFM Election Special

September 23rd, 7-11pm