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Everything you ever wanted to know about bFM... that you have probably asked, and therefore that we have answered many times.


Q: How do I submit music to be playlisted?
Answer: Send your music to our Programme Director, Pennie Blair, either digitally to pennie[at], or drop/post a hard copy to our offices here, labelled "Attn: Pennie Blair".

Q: If the programme director doesn't like my music, are there other people that might play it?
Answer: Yes! Because 50% of the minutes each hour are unprogrammed and left to the DJ to fill, you do not need to be playlisted to get on the airwaves. You can send your music directly to individual DJs by sending hard copies to the station in the manner noted above (made out to the attention of the desired host). You can also check the DJ's show page here to see if they have listed an email address for music submissions.

Q: I’m an electro DJ with heaps of awesome tunes. I can come up and play my mixes on your station. That’ll be cool aye? Honestly, it’s no trouble.
Answer: Yeah.... nah.

Q: Can you put me on air and I'll rap for you?
Answer: Is your name Devast8r?

Q: Can I stream bFM on my smartphone?
Answer: Yes. While bFM does not have a dedicated smartphone app, you can stream us using any number of radio apps, including TuneIn. If you don't like that one, hit up the Googs.

Q: How do I advertise on bFM?
Answer: You can either call our office on 09 309 4831, or hit up sales[at] with some information about what you want to advertise and one of our account managers will be in touch with you. We offer a variety of sales packages to suit your needs, whether it's a gig, a brand, a product, or otherwise.

Q: If I give you some free stuff, will you give it away?
Answer: Unless you're already running a campaign with us, no. Giveaways are a perk we provide as added value to our clients, not something we do for free. If you're jonesing to give away free shit to our listeners, get in touch with our sales staff (as per above) and inquire about a campaign - you'll find we can be quite reasonably priced.

Q: Hi, it's just [insert name here] from [insert PR company here] calling to see if you read that press release I sent you?
Answer: Our spam filters aren't that effective, so yeah, we probably did.


Q: How do I get my gig on the entertainment guide?
Answer: Email all the details of your gig - who, what, when, where, how much - to It will go on the online guide pretty much immediately, and be read on the on-air guide the day of the event. (Unless it's totally wanky/irrelevant to our audience/full of George DJs, in which case no, we won't list it.)

Q: How do I get my flat on the accommodation guide?
Answer: Email with the details. Listings are updated on Monday mornings and stay up for one week. Try to keep it to around 75 words and in legible English, or risk our Receptionist adding something about herbal teas to your ad in revenge.

Q: How do I get my band to play at bStreet, Summer Series, Fancy New Band Showcase, or other 95bFM events?
Answer: Be awesome? Nah, jokes. We draw our lineups from artists that we've seen, heard, and heard good things about... and that we feel encapsulate the vibe of the event and will do well in front of an audience.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that by the time we've announced an event, we've pretty much finalized the lineup. If you'd like to put your band forward for consideration for a bFM gig, email your contact details, a brief bio, and a link to somewhere we can hear your music (bandcamp, myspace, etc) to marketing[at] to be kept on file for future.


Q: Do the staff get paid up there?
Answer: Yes. bFM currently has a core full-time staff of 12, plus a few part-time employees and contractors.

Q: How do I get a job at bFM?
Answer: When we have open positions, we post our ads on and Your best bet is to keep your eyes open on those sites for any job opportunities. And, of course, if you've volunteered for us and know a bit about how bFM works, that's definitely points in your favour.

Q: I want to volunteer for bFM.
Answer: Come up to the office and fill out a volunteer form at Reception - be sure to include any skills that you think would be useful (this can be something specific, like you've used Adobe CS/Audacity/ProTools/Excel, you manage 12 social media profiles, you're a pedantic copy editor, you're a prolific writer, etc... OR it can be more general, like you have a lot of patience or good work ethic or attention to detail or you really love lifting things or talking to strangers).
When we need help with things, we send out an email. We need quite a bit of help in the office/at the station during normal working hours (weekdays 9-5), and also on-site at events where there is a bFM presence.

Q: How do I get a show on bFM?
Answer: We draw our DJs primarily from our volunteer base; i.e. the people who put in the hard yards and demonstrate their enthusiasm, reliability, and work ethic away from the microphone. In other words... see above.
Most of our daytime DJs also start on graveyards - those shows between 11pm and 6am. If you are passionate about staying up reeeeeeal late or waking up reeeeeal early, that's a point in your favour.

Q: How do I become a newsreader for bFM?
Answer: Come up and fill out a volunteer form and specify that you'd like to get involved with the News & Ed department reading the news. Our News & Ed Director, Lucas, will get in touch when available news slots come up. He has a Newsreader Quiz that will test your basic knowledge of current world events and/or cats.


Q: What was that song that played two weeks ago on a Tuesday after the Drive show but before 3 o’clock in the morning? It went like ‘la la la… de da de’ or something like that.
Answer: First see if the DJ has uploaded a playlist (click on the DJ name from the bible here). Failing that, wait until you hear the song again and then ask the DJ directly by emailing, texting to 5395, or calling 309-3879. Remember that because our DJs have a great deal of free choice over what they play, we may not (read: won't) have a record of everything they've played. Unless you have a piece of the lyrics (in which case, hello internet) or the artist name, there is a slim chance we'll be able to psychically read your mind and figure out which song you're talking about.

Q: What does the 'b' stand for?
Answer: Bosom. No joke. See our about section.

Q: Can I just walk through the bFM office to get to Shadows?
Answer: Can you just take this shovel and bash yourself over the head with it?


Q: How is the Top Ten voting counted?
Answer: The Top Ten is calculated based on a combination of votes from DJs, staff, & the audience (via phone Mon-Weds, and via text and the website here all week). Only tracks that are on the bFM playlist are eligible for voting.