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The Kids' Show

Hosted by Lee, the 95bFM Kids' Show is a place where children get to share their thoughts, interests and talents live on the radio. Running since forever ago, the Kids' Show features games and competitions, stories, songs and lots of laughter as well as plain old conversation. It's a happy community of children and families who call up every week to chat and participate.

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 4 June 2017

kidsshow_040617.mp3 mp3, 219.46 MB
Sun 4 Jun 2017

No Lee this week! Looking forward to next week and hearing what you got up to over the long weekend!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 28 May 2017

kidsshow_280517.mp3 mp3, 222.54 MB
Sun 28 May 2017

Thanks so much to Chanelle for coming in and playing songs off her new album! Find out more on

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 21 May 2017

kidsshow_210517.mp3 mp3, 195.15 MB
Sun 21 May 2017

The last little bit of the show was cut off this week, sorry about that!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 14 May 2017

kidsshow-14-5-17.mp3 mp3, 269.13 MB
Sun 14 May 2017

Muddling through!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 7 May 2017

kidsshow_070517.mp3 mp3, 223.29 MB
Sun 7 May 2017

Great fun this week!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 30 April 2017

kidsshow_300417.mp3 mp3, 219.36 MB
Sun 30 Apr 2017

Sorry about the wrong order of the Peter Pans at the beginning!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 23 April 2017

kidsshow_230417.mp3 mp3, 220.38 MB
Sun 23 Apr 2017

Lee was away again this week. Looking forward to catching up with you next Sunday!

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 16 April 2017

kidsshow_160417.mp3 mp3, 220.07 MB
Sun 16 Apr 2017

Hope you had an awesome Easter :)

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 9 April 2017

kidsshow_090417.mp3 mp3, 215.83 MB
Sun 9 Apr 2017

One week til Easter! Happy hunting :)

The 95bFM Kids' Show - 2 April 2017

kidsshow_020417.mp3 mp3, 227.08 MB
Sun 2 Apr 2017