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Rhythm Selection

The Rhythm Selection with Dubhead

The Rhythm Selection has been on-air since 1990 with long-serving DJ Dubhead. The musical content of the show can best be described as ghetto music ranging from Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Funk, Downbeat & Hip-Hop always with a healthy local content too. Thanks to Sosha.

The Rhythm Selection: 19th June, 2017

19th June.mp3 mp3, 228.06 MB
Mon 19 Jun 2017

The Rhythm Selection: 12th June 2017

12th June.mp3 mp3, 223.34 MB
Mon 12 Jun 2017

The Rhythm Selection: 29th May, 2017

29th May.mp3 mp3, 221.49 MB
Mon 29 May 2017

Strictly reggae instrumental 45s (1967 - 1972)

The Rhythm Selection: 22nd May, 2017

22nd May.mp3 mp3, 221.7 MB
Mon 22 May 2017

Salute to Frankie Paul & early dancehall singers showcase

The Rhythm Selection: 15th May, 2017

15th May.mp3 mp3, 224.88 MB
Mon 15 May 2017

with guest selector DJ Grassroots

The Rhythm Selection: 1st May 2017

1stMay.mp3 mp3, 221.73 MB
Mon 1 May 2017

A Johnny Osbourne radio special

The Rhythm Selection: 24th April 2017

24thApril.mp3 mp3, 219.9 MB
Mon 24 Apr 2017

with guest selector Mikey Downbeat and Dub Terminator live interview