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NZ First's Jenny Marcroft

Jenny Marcroft on Kauri Dieback

Jenny Marcroft Jenny Marcroft, 12.18 MB
Wed 20 Jun 2018

Jenny Marcroft takes us through the latest developments in the fight against Kauri Dieback.

Jenny Marcroft on iwi radio stations

Jenny Marcroft Jenny Marcroft, 19.33 MB
Wed 6 Jun 2018

Jenny Marcroft, Ngāpuhi, is a list member for NZ First. Today we spoke about what’s happening with iwi radio stations. Lillian Hanly started by asking how her weeks been and why she’s been visiting different iwi radio stations around the motu

Jenny Marcroft on Kauri Dieback and how it should be dealt with

Jenny Marcroft Jenny Marcroft, 12.98 MB
Wed 30 May 2018

We caught up with Jenny before she was heading into a select committee meeting regarding charter schools. I started by asking her how Kingi Taurua’s tangi was up north.

NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 23, 2018

NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 23, 2018 NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 23, 2018, 7.78 MB
Wed 23 May 2018

NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 16, 2018

NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 16, 2018 NZ's First's Tracey Martin: Weds May 16, 2018, 17.1 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

Tracey Martin on Oranga Tamariki and UK equivalents

Tracey Martin Tracey Martin, 29.7 MB
Wed 2 May 2018

Tracey Martin has been in the UK checking out what is working, and isn't working, in terms of children in care and what NZ might be able to take away from that. She chats with Lillian about this, and spends some time defending the Waka Jumping bill.

Tracey Martin on oil drilling and teachers' titles

NZ First's Tracey Martin.mp3 mp3, 7.51 MB
Wed 18 Apr 2018

This morning Lillian Hanly spoke with Tracey Martin about oil drilling and Tracey’s old member’s bill to ensure correct titling in the teacher profession. Tracey was calling from Blenheim so Lillian started by asking how the city was this morning.

Tracey Martin on the weather and the Positive Ageing Strategy

Tracey Martin Tracey Martin, 22.99 MB
Wed 11 Apr 2018

Tracey Martin talks a bit about the Positive Ageing Strategy which is in the stage of conversations, and chats with Lillian Hanly about power cuts. 

Tracey Martin on the 30 Year Vision and Oranga Tamariki

Tracey Martin Tracey Martin, 22.58 MB
Wed 4 Apr 2018

Lillian Hanly talks to Tracey Martin about the 30 Year Vision programme that’s been launched, which asks everyone what they want education to look like for the next 30 years, and about the more than 6000 children in state care right now.

Tracey Martin on poverty reduction, Māori Sovereignty and party leadership

Tracey Martin Tracey Martin, 16.3 MB
Wed 14 Feb 2018

Tracey Martin talks to Lillian Hanly about the Child Poverty Reduction Bill, the Housing stocktake report, Māori sovereignty and how important a leader is to a political party. We started by talking about how her week has been.