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Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)

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Coldcut Solid Steel

The world famous Coldcut Solid Steel Radio Show, thanks to Ninja Tune - direct each week from the U.K.

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 13, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 13, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 13, 2018, 267.68 MB
Sat 13 Oct 2018

Our guest in Hour 1 is Vester Koza ahead of his debut album 'Loader Mither' coming out on Houndstooth in November. In 2013 he released a string of self-released EP's which gained widespread critical acclaim and in 2016 Koza signed to fabric's Houndstooth Label, beginning with the OTR EP. Unlike his previous EPs where he first found his voice, 'Loader Mither' was conceived of and completed as a single project, and its coherence adds to its emotional kick. His mix includes tracks from Autechre, Chynna, Luna-C, Drexciya, The Human League and Bochum Welt.

In Hour 2 it's Imrie Kiss who has been spearheading the renaissance of electronic music in Hungary since his acclaimed debut album Midnight Wave back in 2013. The last few years have been particularly fruitful for the Lobster Theremin affiliate: opening the country’s first Boiler Room; launching Crisis Sound System with Aiwa and S. Olbricht; holding a residency at Budapest’s infamous LÄRM; releasing a string of remixes and releases for various imprints; and taking his unique sound to world-renowned clubs such as Panorama Bar, Culture Box and Corsica Studios. He told us;
“Recorded on a rainy day in my apartment in Budapest, this is a slow-burning mix, a journey through trippy breakbeat and electro with hints of italo. Best enjoyed on a hazy night with a few glasses of wine.”

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 6, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 6, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday October 6, 2018, 268.85 MB
Sat 6 Oct 2018

 In Hour 1 it's Etch celebrating the release of his debut LP Ups & Downs' on Sneaker Social Club. He began producing in his bedroom at the age of 12 after the infectious curiosity of early 00’s drum & bass, hip hop and experimental electronic music. As time developed and he carved a taste in music through garage, grime, dubstep and hip hop, he began to amalgamate his past into his productions releasing on Keysound, Lapsus, Sony Space + Time, Sunday Best & Soundman Chronicles to name a few. He told us;
"As with most studio recorded mixes I try to capture whatever frame of mind I’m in production-wise at that moment. I’ve tried to combine what I play in clubs with some further reaching headphone music. I like the idea of being blasted into space through your headphones, I love sinking into the background listening to music when im walking around or travelling, let the music dictate where I go. The mix contains classics, new founds favs, unreleased cuts and some blends I’ve been having fun with. I feel a lot of mixes suffer from being a whole hour of waiting for something to happen these days as people monotonously and elegantly transverse 120bpm to 130bpm, the mixes that used to jump out at me when I was younger were the ones where things would just jump out and kick you in the face, not necessarily been done with much technical prowess, and leave you with a smile. So yeah expect a lot of kicks in the face etc…"

In Hour 2 we welcome Maarja Nuut and Hendrik Kaljujärv aka Ruum who release their collaborative album 'Muunduja’, today on  130701 an imprint of FatCat Records.The stunning album was recorded in July 2017 at Peeter Salmela's studio in Kalamaja, Tallinn. The duo was joined there by producer Howie B, who inspired the artists to use more than their standard repertoire of instruments. Maarja Nuut sings, plays violin and different keyboards. Ruum plays different analogue and digital synthesizers; various field recordings and “found sounds” were employed where appropriate. They had this to say;
"As the weather changes, perception seems to follow. Surroundings become a little muffled and focus moves inwards, it’s like a sneaking preparation for coming ‘kaamos’ - translated literally, it means (winter) darkness. The way from my home to studio runs along the coast line of Tallinn, it’s about a 40-minute stroll that I often pass with - I call it - walking music. So it’s a selection of hypnotising rhythms that I like to move along with, embellished with picks from archives, outer environments, some cosy sounding synth loops and one ballad."

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday September 28, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday September 29, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday September 29, 2018, 220.16 MB
Sat 29 Sep 2018

In Hour 1 we welcome Voyage label boss Andy Hart following the release of his Voyager 1 EP. He told us; "This is the first record I’ve put out in a quite some time as I’ve mainly been focusing on djing and developing the label. We’ve just finished a tour of Europe with Wax’o Paradiso, a party and group I’m involved in from Melbourne. I’m also heading on a solo tour to Asia and Australia in November, although there is a gig in Osaka at the end of this month as well as the usual Wax’o Paradiso gigs in Australia over summer. The mix is somewhat reflective of the upcoming Voyage EP we’re doing with Rings Around Saturn. He’s an incredible talent and one of the most interesting artists that has come out of Melbourne; check his aliases and collaborations sd Dan White, 2200, Bleekman and Turner Street Sound. Although he makes music across a broad spectrum, this EP is quite reserved and delicate, which are qualities I’ve tried to focus on whilst putting together records for this mix. There are some more recent bits in from Skee Mask, Lord Of The Isles and S.O.N.S as well as a track from Move D and Benjamin Brunn’s 2006 LP for BineMusic. Thanks for listening and thank you Solid Steel for having me, respect!"
In Hour 2 we hand over to Rafael Anton Irisarri for his Solid Steel Ambient mix to celebrate the release of his new cassette on Umour Rex called El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente. While composed as an ode to an overnight train journey through Spain he took many years ago, the music picks up sonically where his
previous album Sirimiri left off. Irisarri focuses on deploying sonic cycles throughout these four shorter pieces, basing much of this sweeping ambience around looped sounds and distant pulses. The sound is however kept in a state of forward motion and constant evolution, invoking the slowly rumbling night train that inspired it —not to mention its cargo of misfits and travelers. Inspired by musical storytellers such as Lee Hazelwood, Lou Reed, or Leonard Cohen, his music is transforming into something closer to narrative ––“storytelling without words,” He said this about his mix "Ambient mix featuring dear friends. Enjoy!"

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 31,2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 31,2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 31,2018, 312.03 MB
Fri 31 Aug 2018

Nick Höppner - Part 1
Sentinel - Dig Deeper
DJ Peshay - Latin Jungle
T. Power - Police State
Andy C. & Shimon - Recharge
Sappo - Die Hard RMX
Twin Dragon ft. Sevi G - Dangerous
Mask - Square Off 
Maximum Style - Admit To Love

Nick Höppner - Part 2
Wriggler - Nu Lick 
Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Photek’s Secondary Diagnostic Mix) 
Nuyorican Soul - It’s Alright, I Feel It! (Roni Size Remix)
Lemon D - I Can’t Stop 
Capone - Massive 
J Majik - Your Sound 
Borderline - Screwface 
Boogie Times Tribe - The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) 
The Two G’$ - The Reno 

Elena Colombi - Part 3
Mr. Incognito - Wheel Of Fortune
Peverelist - Aztec Chant
Second Storey - Manhattan To Moscow (214 Remix) 
Giant Swan - Pax Britannica
Lorenzo Senni - XAllegroX (DJ Stingray’s Molto Allegro Mix) 
Ossia - Devil's Dance
Memotone - Pantomine Demon 
Lolina - Style and Punishment

Elena Colombi - Part 4
M-M - Bus Ride Ambient 
Gavin Guthrie - Sound Mind In a Sound Body 
Universal Indicator (AFX) - 15 c7 
Adapta - MKS-50_04 
R Gamble - Dislocate 
The Mover - Astral Demons 
TYVYT-IYTYI - Never Here Before 
Clan Of Xymox - Stranger 
Model 500 - Vessels In Distress (Prelude)

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 18 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 18 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday August 18 2018, 222.12 MB
Sat 18 Aug 2018

Unknown - Intro

Pearson Sound - Xlb
Moderat - Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix) 
Joy Orbison - Ellipsis
Honey Dijon & Tim K - Thunda (Rampa Remix)
Boddika & Joy Orbison - Mercy (Boddikas VIP)
D-Malice - Gabryelle (Refix)
Donae’o - Party Hard
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh - Orvnge
Joy Orbison, Boddika & Pearson Sound - Faint
Cktrl - Azula

Julio Bashmore - Au Seve
Drake - Gyalchester
Friend Within - The Renegade (Special Request Murder Mix)
Roy Davis Jr feat. Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Mix)
Preditah & Jorja Smith - On My Mind
Octavian - Party Here
Travis Scott feat. Future & 2 Chainz - 3500
Giggs - Whippin Excursion
Section Boyz - Lock Arf
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow
Canblaster - Voxes Roll

Jesse Futerman - One For Bess
Joe Henderson - Black Narcissus
unknown - unknown
Marion Brown - Vista
Pharoah Sanders - Getting to Saud
Norman Connors - Butterfly Dreams
Billy Higgins - John Coltrane

unknown - unknown
Heath Brothers - Smilin Billie Suite (part 2)
Bobby Hutcherson - Procession
Bobby Hutcherson - Now
unknown - unknown
unknown - unknown
Group Home - Up Against the Wall (getaway car mix)

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday July 21, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday July 21, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday July 21, 2018, 220.47 MB
Sat 21 Jul 2018

In Hour 1 this week it's Hugo Massien who's had a number of high profile releases already behind him for labels including the legendary XL Recordings and Dusky’s 17 Steps imprint. His recent EP 'Advanced Aerial Threat' came out on Tectonic Recordings last month, carving a sound for himself that sees him bring together elements from house, techno, dubstep and hardcore. He had this to say about his mix:
"I’ve put together a mix of my own unreleased tracks, traveling my production's various paths of the past few years… Some (listed) are forthcoming tracks, and others are still in their earlier stages. The forthcoming releases included are a third offering on Ebeamz along with a selection of my unreleased tracks from the London underground house scene 2014-16 that will be dropping on Keysound later in the year."

In Hour 2 it's Ethiopian Records aka Endeguena Mulu with his second mix from his 'Listening to your Heart' series entitled 'Listening to your Heart - With only love and dreams in your pocket'. The mix is filled with unreleased unheard tracks from Ethiopian Records and a couple of tracks from his recent EP release on Warp Records offshoot Arcola entitled 'Ye Feqer Edaye (Burden of Love)'. He told us:
"It is dedicated to the billions of souls out there that have not been given the chance to express themselves freely on this “global" platform, that misrepresents them and pretends to speak on their behalf. A global platform that has the potential to be a lot more than the monopolized, one sided, self aggrandizing, repetitive, fast spreading echo chamber that it is today."

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday June 23, 2018

CCSS230618.mp3 mp3, 220.47 MB
Sat 23 Jun 2018

Solid Steel (22nd June) In Hour 1 it's Hot Chip Megamix which is currently hitting festivals all over Europe this summer. Having previously featured Joe Goddard on Solid Steel before, it's the turn of fellow band member Felix Martin to open up the record bag. Head over to for the upcoming dates and they had this to say: “This is the first in a series of mixes under the Hot Chip Megamix name. This instalment was put together by Felix. Megamix is a way for us to play music we love and to integrate it live on stage with electronic elements like 808 drums and a TB303.This mix includes a selection of tunes that are relevant to the Megamix concept - fun ways of remixing and messing around with our own music, along with some of our favourite cuts by other artists. It includes tracks from Joe & Alexis under their own solo monikers,  Hot Chip music as reimagined by Erol Alkan and Carl Craig, and a very well know Alexis acapella put into a new context alongside music by Matthew Herbert & Trevino.

In Hour 2 it's François X, a key protagonist within Paris’ underground scene for nearly a decade, François X has firmly cemented himself as one of France’s finest exports within the realms of House and Techno. Since making his production debut in 2009, the Parisian has gone on to establish his inimitable blend of genre bridging Techno, most notably via Dj Deep’s renowned Deeply Rooted imprint as well as his own label DEMENT3D. With his versatility fuelled by a rich knowledge and understanding of his musical heritage, his rapid rise has seen the DJ establish himself as a key resident at Concrete Paris, not to mention regular appearances at the likes of Berghain (Berlin), fabric (London) and Robert Johnson (Frankfurt). His debut album 'Irregular Passion' came out at the end of last year and he told us: "The idea behind the mix wasn't very clear at the beginning. Experimental? Danceable? Trippy?… So I decided to let loose and selects tracks I was enjoying at that moment to create a patchwork of vibes. I'm known for playing straight 4/4 techno but around a year or so ago I began to reinvent myself slightly by playing tracks I wouldn't usually include in my in sets. Taking more risks. Surprising both my audience and, first and foremost, myself. Music is the answer!" - François X 

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 12, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 12, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 12, 2018, 222.2 MB
Sat 12 May 2018

In Hour 1 we are pleased to welcome Superorganism with a concept mix based around music with themes from sea to space. Starting with 'Jungle Waters' by Sam Gallantry, 'Sea calls me home' by Julia Holter and 'Swim Good' by Frank Ocean, the mix goes on to feature 'Stratus' by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, 'Deep Blue Day' by Brian Eno and 'Starman' by David Bowie. Their self-titled debut album came out in March on Domino and you can catch the multinational eight-piece group at festivals throughout Europe this summer, before heading to North America and back for a full European tour in Autumn. They had this to say about their mix;
"Follow the whale through a journey through song from the depths of the Ocean up into outer space towards the Sun."

In Hour 2 we hand over to Krystal Klear following the release of his latest EP 'The Division', which includes the huge 'Neutron Dance' and is out on Running Back, the label run by Gerd Janson. Having previously released on UTTU, Hot Haus, Eglo, Madtech and All City, the Irish producer also runs his own label Cold Tonic. He will be playing all night in his home town Dublin at District 8 on May 12th to celebrate the release of the EP and he told us;
"Dark disco balearic garage sleaze. A selection of tracks I would use to warm up a club to bring it into the heavier stages of the evening. Tipping the hat to Larry and Alfredo. Sun cream and plastic dreams. As Gerd would say 'guilty feet have got no rhythm”

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 5, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 5, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday May 5, 2018, 215.87 MB
Sat 5 May 2018

In Hour 1 we welcome  Sassy J who has a colourful and charming sound informed by her simple and honest love of music and emotion. She runs her own Patchwork night, does the art for each party and has a passion for sewing one off pieces of clothing that marry many different textures and styles in compelling ways, much like when she mixes records. She has also done artwork for Eglo and did an excellent cassette for The Trilogy Tapes. Sassy J has been passionately doing her do for 20 years now. In that time she has kept a focus on forward thinking electronic and analog sounds, has been a consistently exciting DJ and has earned a reputation amongst esteemed artists and fans that appreciate her unhurried style. Driven by a feel for the occasion, a passion to present new sounds and desire to leave a mark on her audience, Sassy J has played everywhere from Eglo Dance and Dekmantel to OHM and De School. She had this to say about her mix;
"I love to create sonic journeys through sounds, vibes and words. Setting moods, visiting places in the imagination, expressing my feelings and thoughts. I like to let the music speak for itself on the 90 minute ride. "

In Hour 2 Belfast producer Jordan takes over who has a busy festival season coming up over coming weeks, sharing bills with everyone from Larry Heard & Saoirse to Space Dimension Controller & Kink. As well as that he continues to run his weekly party, The Night Institute alongside his friend and mentor, Timmy Stewart. He had this to say about his mix;
"Italo, electro & oddball house all represented in the hour plus a few samples nicked off Youtube. I've dipped my toe in to as many of my musical influences as possible within the hour, from old Warp Records and Beggars Banquet output right up to what are, in my eyes, some of the most exciting imprints of now - Deewee, Futureboogie and Life & Death."

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday April 28, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday April 28, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday April 28, 2018, 219.16 MB
Sat 28 Apr 2018

In Hour 1 our guest is Chrome Sparks (aka Jeremy Malvin) following the recent release of his debut self titled album on Counter Records. The album is the product of an obsessive approach to production as much it is about a restless hunt for new ideas over several years spent between Malvin’s Navy Yard, Brooklyn studio and a secluded cabin in upstate New York. He spent a month there to escape the distractions of the city, and to distill his process during what became an intensive period of creativity. He is currently on tour with Machinedrum in North America, before heading over to Europe for 6 dates in May. He told us;
"An expedition. embarking from somewhere in the past, metamorphosing into faux-familiarity, while diving into ephemeral moments unknown, rustling from celebration to introspection. 

In Hour 2 we welcome back Paul White who last appeared on Solid Steel in 2013 and is back celebrating the release of his latest album 'Rejuvenate', which is out today on R & S Records. As the title suggests, Rejuvenate marks a rebirth for the South London musician who has abandoned sampling altogether and he wrote, played and produced the album himself, which features Denai  Moore, Shungudzo and his sister Sarah Williams White. He is also known for producing tracks for Danny Brown (amongst others) and was responsible for 10 of the 15 tracks on 'Atrocity Exhibition'. He had this to say about his mix;
"I wanted this mix to really reflect what music is moving me at the moment. I mainly made this mix for myself. There's some new music I'm into, some old music I'm into, and some solo and produced music by myself. Its a window into who I am musically. I love all music so couldn't include everything in only an hour mix obviously, but its a look into how I hear music as all the same thing, the human experience."