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Carnival In Rio

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Richard, Paul, Tony Tunes and whoever else is in the studio at the time host Carnival In Rio on 95bFM.

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MP3 Saturday Drive June 25th 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 323.2MB, first broadcast 25 June 2016

Brexit, Bollix and beers! And the boys. Bit of vapourwave, and a nice Fall song for the King of Britain! PERMALINK

MP3 Saturday Drive 11/06/2016

MP3, 0m00s, 301.3MB, first broadcast 11 June 2016

Richard, Paul, Tony, Dan... and featuring Rob! The show is back, baby! PERMALINK

MP3 Saturday Drive 21/05/2016

MP3, 0m00s, 308.3MB, first broadcast 21 May 2016

Another good one! PERMALINK

MP3 Saturday Drive 14/05/2016

MP3, 0m00s, 307.6MB, first broadcast 14 May 2016

"Ah, these guys" - James Burnett, executive producer of the show "Jaded, cynical and smug" - the hosts of this show! "The best radio show in New Zealand" - the NZ Herald,… READ MORE

MP3 Saturday Drive 07/05/2016

MP3, 0m00s, 159.3MB, first broadcast 7 May 2016

The boys are back PERMALINK

MP3 Carnical In Rio: October 17, 2015

MP3, 0m00s, 162.2MB, first broadcast 17 October 2015

Part of the fun is knowing that you don't know what songs are in this. PERMALINK

MP3 Carnival In Rio: October 10, 2015

MP3, 0m00s, 157.9MB, first broadcast 10 October 2015

Undoubtedly one of the many shows that happened over the weekend. PERMALINK

MP3 Carnival In Rio: October 3, 2015

MP3, 0m00s, 166.1MB, first broadcast 3 October 2015

The best CIR show of all times (uploader's words) Rich, George, Bollix, Soong, new beers, new music, Sooxey Soo and Them Banshees, the haps... Jacuzzi Boys - Happy Damage Girls Pissing On… READ MORE

MP3 Carnival In Rio: September 26, 2015

MP3, 0m00s, 162.6MB, first broadcast 26 September 2015

Just another in a long line of good shows. PERMALINK

MP3 Carnival In Rio: September 19, 2015

MP3, 0m00s, 171.2MB, first broadcast 19 September 2015

Rob Bollix talks sports and fantasises about an Emmerdale/Coro crossover. Tony Tunes plays 5 nice tunes. Adrian joins us live for 5 Thirsty and DVDan and Steve take over the last hour. PERMALINK

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