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bFM's daily magazine show, a signature mix of arts, culture, interviews & features, and great music. The Morning Glory bCast features full shows and feature interviews - to subscribe to regular features pick and choose from the bCasts list down on the right.

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MP3 Interview: Semi Permanent

MP3, 0m00s, 7.6MB, first broadcast 29 June 2016

Esther chats to Semi Permanent festival director Simon Velvin about the upcoming two day symposium. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview: World Press Photo Exhibition 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 9.2MB, first broadcast 29 June 2016

The World Press Photo Exhibition is back for another year and Esther chats to curator Anais Conijn about this years exhibition. PERMALINK

MP3 Announcing IRL: The Pictures with Russell Brown

MP3, 0m00s, 8.4MB, first broadcast 29 June 2016

Esther chats to Russell Brown to announce the upcoming IRL: The PIctures, a film edition of IRL happening in July. PERMALINK

MP3 Interivew: MAINZ Dean Emeritus Harry Lyon

MP3, 0m00s, 17.5MB, first broadcast 27 June 2016

Esther is joined by MAINZ Dean Emeritus Harry Lyon to talk about the courses available at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand. PERMALINK

MP3 Community Watch: June 27, 2016 - Tina Plunkett

MP3, 0m00s, 18.7MB, first broadcast 27 June 2016


MP3 Fancy New Band: Soltree AKA Solomon Bagley

MP3, 0m00s, 15.6MB, first broadcast 24 June 2016


MP3 Eat Here Now with Simon Farrell-Green: 24 June 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 10MB, first broadcast 24 June 2016


MP3 Interview: Savina Kim – IGNITE Programme

MP3, 0m00s, 14.5MB, first broadcast 24 June 2016

Savina Kim speaks to Esther about the IGNITE programme, which aims to engage and involve young Aucklanders in the music business. PERMALINK

MP3 Interview: Ain't That A Bitch - Daniel & Anthea

MP3, 0m00s, 10.8MB, first broadcast 22 June 2016

Anthea Hill and Daniel Watterson talk about their new play "Ain't That A Bitch". PERMALINK

MP3 Interview: Elephant Thief - Julia Croft

MP3, 0m00s, 8.7MB, first broadcast 22 June 2016

Julia Croft talks to Esther about her new play "Elephant Thief". PERMALINK

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