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Advertising on bFM

Talk to the 95bFM audience using the science power of advertising!

That’s right, advertising science power.

Here at the b, we don’t bash our listeners in the ear with a ton of ads like people on some of those ‘other’ radio stations. Here at Radio Bosom we restrict ourselves to no more than 5 minutes of ads per individual hour (that’s not on average – that’s each unique hour). That’s no more that 10 ads per hour. That means your ad is not being lost in a big glut of advertising, and you don’t have to fight the mob and shout louder: your ad will be heard.

Our ads are pretty damn awesome as well -- just ask anyone. We have a creative policy that ensures our listeners continue to listen and listen. Using the power of 95bFM’s advertising science our team write and produce 99.99% of the ads that play on our station. These are ads that people not only listen to but like to hear – our listeners will hear, enjoy and remember your message.

Contact our sales team, good people who are always happy to run through what we offer and how we can help you. From ad packages to sponsorships and everything in between; from gig promotional campaigns to show sponsorship – we have options to fit most budgets.

Want to contact us for more info?

Give us an email at sales[at], pick up the phone and call Sales Sam on 309 4831 extension 218 or just drop into the station, grab a delicious Allpress coffee and have a chat to one of our chaps -- it’s always good to meet new people!